Get your white attire out of the closet, at this event we are wearin'  white after Labor Day

We're serving up an all white dessert buffet,

and entertainment!

F A Q 's 

Who is the featured entertainment?


Why wear white? 

Because it's fun.  And different.  It will also look really awesome to see 400+ people all dressed in white!

Do I have to wear white? 

Not at all.  However, if you don't, you will find it difficult to blend in with the crowd.  (no white pants?  wear a white shirt... or accessorize in white!

Really?  White dessert buffet? 

Really.  We promise to WOW you!

What is white decor?

We are decorating with a white theme, yet still embracing a "camp" feel.    You'll like it.

Where is the event?


Where do I get tickets?

  • Send check to 58212 403rd Ave. Zumbro Falls MN 55991 requesting tickets
  • Online HERE (our website)  
  • At the door (we recommend calling ahead and we will hold them for you) 

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