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Working at Camp Victory for the summer is a life-altering ministry opportunity for young adults.  Dont waste your summer... Spend it for God's glory!

"From the moment I stepped out of my car and headed to staff training, I felt welcomed and had a sense of belonging. That's one of the great things about working at camp- there is a community unlike any you'll ever experience. These people genuinely LOVE the Lord and are there to support and encourage you, and ultimately build you in your relationship with Christ! Camp has become my second home and I keep going back every summer." -staff of 6 years

"People help each other grow to become spiritually mature and it's a great opportunity to become connected to Christ and it's a perfect way to help serve others" -staff of 1 year

 "If you love working with and shepherding children, camp is the perfect place. Not only do you get to  work with kids, but at camp you form godly friendships with the other staff members." - staff of 1 year


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