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Earn college credit for your summer camp job! Many universities offerinternship creditin various fields like parks and recreation, education, child development, communications, etc. 

Summer Internships available for: media production, programming, food service, nursing and administration.  Other non-summer internships may be available as well. 

 Interested in a position?  Complete an aplication and upoad your resume. Contact Kyle Augsburger if you have questions about current internship options.


How to Apply for an Internship

1. If earning college credit is a priority for you, first consult with your college's Career Services office about internship requirements. You may also need to speak with the head of your academic department.  Those wishing to participate in the Camp Victory summer intern program without pursuing college credit are also welcome to apply.  Summer Internships provide resume building value whether college credit is received or not.

2. Apply for a job at camp this summer and indicate the internship you would like to complete this summer.  Apply online at

3. Accept the job that is right for you and bring the necessary paperwork to camp.  Complete the internship and return the paperwork to the appropriate administrator at your school.


What costs are associated with becoming an Intern?

This is a paid internship (although if you require an unpaid internship, that is an option as well). Before you get too far into the application process you want to evaluate several factors, including the costs your school charges.  Most universities charge you for the course credits. 

Why should I Intern at Camp instead of a corporate environment?

When you Intern at camp you get the best of both worlds.  You will do real world work an environment that just might be the most fun place you will ever work!  

Three reasons to Intern this summer at Camp Victory:

  1. Internships at Camp Victory get paid.  Many internships these days are unpaid and don't even deliver the experience you signed up for.
  2. You will intern in a helpful, nurturing environment where your contribution will be truly valuable.  You will have supportive supervisors and your talent will be used.
  3. You will make a difference in kid’s lives while learning real-world career-building skills: like leadership, responsibility and accountability...and several internship-specific skills, too.  This is a hands-on, career-building, resume-strengthening, and personal growth experience. 


Where do I begin?

First, speak with the internship supervisor at your school to determine whether an internship at Camp Victory is relevant to your studies. Find out what internship program requirements they have, how many hours they required, what assignments they will require you to complete while at camp.  Typically you will need to prepare a simple proposal and submit to school for approval.  You can list the Summer Camp Director, Kyle Augsburger, as the on Camp Victory internship supervisor.


Apply for a Summer Position

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