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Most applicants have some reservations about their camp skills. Skills are important, but not the most important. Our staff training program will help polish your skills and prepare you for the summer.

It is very important to recognize that summer camp should not be viewed as a summer vacation. Camp work is challenging, all-encompassing, fun and extremely rewarding. It is also hard work. Nothing of value is ever easy. You will make new friends and giant leaps of personal growth in your walk with Jesus Christ. This job will encourage you to give of yourself to others.

Activity specialist positions such as lifegaurd, riflery, archery and ropes instructors require specialized training or experience. Anyone may apply for the activity specialist positions. Training is available through Camp Victory.

Overnight camp counselors may also serve as activity instructors for certain activities. Training is available on location.  Overnight counselors must be:
--  At least 18 years old, or
--  A high school graduate who will be turning 18 over the summer or
--  At least 17 years old and completed Camp Victory's LIT program

The desire to serve Christ by revealing His love through your life is of the utmost importance. The trust that is developed between a counselor and a camper opens many doors for sharing the love of Jesus and practicing fruits of the Spirit daily.

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