Our dining hall seats 100 comfortably. During warm weather seating is available on the deck.

The dining hall is wheelchair accessible.


Contact our retreat coordinator to discuss menu options.  We willingly provide meals for those on special diets.  Just let the Camp Victory retreat coordinator know what you need.

Meal times

Generally the following meal times are planned:

Breakfast         8:00 am          
Lunch            12:00 pm        
Dinner              6:00 pm       

If a different schedule is needed, please discuss with our retreat coordinator.  Please keep in mind the time requirement for meal preparation, clearing and resetting the dining hall.  Our food service staff want to ensure a pleasurable experience and your cooperation is appreciated.  Please encourage your group to arrive a few minutes early for meals.  This will allow us to open the dining hall doors at the designated time and serve your group promptly. 


Snacks may be served by request at an additional charge.  You are also invited to provide your own snacks.

Coffee Service

Complimentary fresh brewed coffee, hot water for tea, hot chocolate, and cold water are always available to your group throughout the day in the dining hall.

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