We are planning a summer program full of fun and excitement where your child will grow in their faith and develop long lasting friendships. Our day and overnight activities are adventurous and challenging and will enrich your child’s life experiences. Our program and facilities are best suited for children who meet the following essential functions. After reviewing our program essential functions and you have questions about your child’s ability to participate, please feel free to contact our office. (507) 843-2329

Camp Victory Program Essential Functions

Your child should be able to:

  • meet their personal needs such as;
    • Toileting
    • changing into and out of swim suit
    • showering independently
    • dressing themselves each morning
    • walk unassisted to and from activities
  • live cooperatively in a community setting
  • stay away from home for an extended period of time
  • function in an active and physically challenging environment
  • move independently from place to place (minimum counselor/ camper ratio is 1 to 6)
  • effectively interact in a group based on program content
  • maintain their own diet management plan
  • visit the camp nurse as required and have knowledge of their personal medication needs
  • understand and communicate personal needs to their counselor
  • follow instructions to comply with the camp’s safety expectations
  • agree to the camper code of conduct (available on website)

Emotional & Psychological Health

  • Camp Victory is not a program that is rehabilitative or therapeutic in nature.
  • We do not specialize in serving children with special needs, including children with severe emotional, social or behavioral difficulties
  • Our program is not suited for children diagnosed with severe depression or Bi-Polar disorder
  • Our program is not suited for children diagnosed with OCD or Panic/Anxiety disorder
  • Children being seen professionally for mental & emotional needs may not be suited for our programs
  • Our program is not suited for children with severe Asperger’s syndrome and Autism

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you in order to determine if Camp Victory is appropriate to meet the needs of your child.

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