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You really want to know what a difference Camp Victory can make?  Here’s one example: 

rickyresize“[In school] I went straight to the bad crowd. I got into fist fights… I smoked weed… I said to myself ‘I’ve had enough of this’… At the end of the first week of [camp], people were saying to me ‘Wow, you really matured. You’re like a whole new person. We love you. You’re a great role model.’ After my [time at camp] I really missed camp… So now I’m a sophomore and I’m in love with Jesus. I attend church every Sunday. I have friends from camp [who] always want to hang out. I never go a day without someone from camp calling or texting me. I pray for forgiveness and strength for what I need to get through the day. Camp Victory has given me friends, the love of Jesus, love for others, love for myself, [and] love for my family. Camp Victory is such a positive place. It changed my whole life around.” – Ricky

It is our pleasure to announce the Building The Dream Phase III capital campaign to expand the ministry and site of Camp Victory Ministries, Inc.

Camp Victory is at an exciting and challenging fork-in-the-road.  Much like God’s people in the Old Testament as they crossed the Jordan River into the Promised Land, Camp Victory is taking a faith step of growth. We need to expand our facilities for 2 vital reasons:

  1. To impact more lives for Christ: In just one year, we had a 32% increase in our summer camp program and we tripled the amount of retreat groups we served. We must expand our facility to handle increased numbers or turn people away.
  2. To be financially sustainable in the future: Over the last 5 years Camp Victory’s revenue ratio has been 45% from direct donations and 55% from programs. The camp’s goal is to increase the revenue percentage from programs to 90% in order to be financially healthy and viable as the camp continues to grow.

In just one year, Camp Victory has had 400 more campers for the summer camp sessions than any previous year. There are growing numbers of people who want to use Camp Victory, but cannot because the camp does not have the space capacity. Our proposed facility expansion will further the Kingdom of God by being able to host a larger number of campers.

The Building The Dream Phase III capital campaign will include three key elements: 1.) Additional dining space, 2.) Additional bed space, and 3.) An indoor multi-purpose facility.  The total cost for this campaign is $950,000.00

Because of the situation we find ourselves in and because of the gifts God has given to us, we are very confident that we can do this with His help.

Please pray for the spiritual and material success of this undertaking. Watch as more details unfold this spring and look for scheduled presentations to attend. Visit our website at www.campvictory.com or call us at 507-843-2329 to learn more.

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